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Homilies from Along the Way

Preaching the Word as part of the parish liturgy each Sunday, has been one of the most challenging and rewarding responsibilities of my pastoral life. Over the years, I have changed (and grown!) in my ability to communicate what is at the heart of the scriptures, moving gradually from prepared texts to untexted, but certainly prepared, homilies in which I hope the Spirit is able to speak more eloquently than I. 


Because few of my Sunday homilies are ever written out, I often record them and post the audio as a podcast. You can listen in on the entire archive click on the photograph of me "taking flight" or you can listen in by clicking here: Homilies

To follow the weekday and Sunday scripture readings that these homilies are based on click on the Lectionary image to the right or here: Lectionary

To listen in to any of my  homilies over the past several years, just click on the PodBean image below or here: Father Kevin Codd at PodBean

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